Frick and Frack were found roaming the area of the State Fair Grounds during a horse show, good people found them and brought them to H&H. For two weeks we searched high and low for their owners, and  just when we thought to give up, their 12 year old owner found them on our page!

​We love happy endings!

We took in an owner surrender, Dixie, in earlier this year, after a week with us we found out she was pregnant! Six beautiful puppies later and 6 wonderful adoptions, we are so happy to announce that all the pups have found their homes. Now it is Dixie's turn!


Laskey came to us after being abandoned in a RV park. At the ranch, he learned he was never going to go hungry again and quickly mellowed out.

He now resides with a wonderful family who has taught him all about love... and the coolness of  tile floors! :)

Shoe Shoe Shoe was donated to Horse and Hound by Tina Johnstone when we mentioned that we found him his forever home with fellow OTTB Cuvina with the Logan Family in Stillwater. Shoe will make a wonderful addition to the family and we look forward to many updates!

Boo Bear


Ifyouwinyougetmore (Iffy) will be living out his life surrounded by cute little things much smaller then him, including his new owners Christy  and Kadyn Gates and a few minis.

Every horse and every hound deserves to be loved unconditionally.... just like they love us! 

This gentle giant, Phil Baby, (over 17.2 hands) just found his new forever best friend in Alexea Wild. Alexea plans to train Phil as a barrel horse, but Phil has his plans of love, love and more love. We cant wait to see what these two can accomplish in the future.

Southern Tiger was adopted by the Lawson family in Oklahoma City. After his 9 year career, he will enjoy his new laid back lack life of riding kids around and weekend trail rides.

Arbuckle Okie and Primo were adopted by Brandi Heiland and Family in Kansas. Where Brandi is hoping to make barrel prospects out of them. We can't wait to see them chasing cans!

Air Ride Jones was adopted by Bailey Christiansen of Yukon. Bailey plans to have her in the jumping ring soon and we can't wait to see it! We wish them both the best of luck as they start on their new adventure together!

Happy tails are a waggin'!

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