Dutches is a female German Shorthair approximately 2 years old who was saved from a backyard breeder. She is very timid still but coming along great.

Annie is a senior rat terrior mix.She would prefer to be a lap dog with little movement and lots of warm sweaters.


Newby was also brought to Horse and Hound as a stray and has made his self right at home.  He always greets visitors with a wagging tail and puppy smile. He is a velcro dog and would rather be right beside you following you around.

Every horse and every hound deserves to be loved unconditionally.... just like they love us! 

Wolfer is a 10 year old Anatolle Shepherd male. He is very senior and would be best in a low mobility home where he is free to laze around. He enjoys being around people of all ages and sizes. Although he may be senior, he still likes to keep an eye on everything.

Sophie (the dark one) is a 12 year old pit mix who is very people sweet but would require a special family who is experienced with more aggressive dogs and would work better in a single dog home. She is VERY alpha.



Dixie was an owner surrender in early July. Soon after arriving we found out she was pregnant. She now has 6 beautiful puppies. Once the pups were weened, Dixie was spayed and now is ready for adoption! Dixie is very sweet and eager to please. Estimated to be about a year old.

This cute little fellow is Caruso. Caruso and Chico were brought to Horse and Hound Rescue by another horse rescue group. He is a little more timid than Chico but can be very sweet and loving. 

18 year old lab mix

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This little guy was an owner surrender by no fault of his own. He is a 3 year old Yorkie  mix. He loves everyone and will be neutered 11/29 and available for adoption after healing.


This little guy was waiting on Death Row when we took him in. He is a lab mix about 9 months and super sweet. He is a submissive and eager to please. He will be neutered on 11/29 and available after he heals.

Turbo is a year old boxer mix who very energetic! He would be the perfect dog for a child with lots of energy that loves to run and play catch! He would be better as an only dog or with a more submissive dog as he is alpha. Very sweet and just wants/needs lots of attention.



This poor little guy's back legs dont work, but that doesnt keep him from enjoying his time at Horse and Hound where he can still run with the big dogs!

Sheba is a 4 year old lab mix with possible Border Collie. She is a bigger dog with an even bigger heart. She loves kids and other dogs and is a joy to be around.

This beautiful little Basset Hound is Phrida. She and her sister Kate were surrendered to HHRF when their owners passed. She is a super spunky pup with lots of love to give. 

Cassie is a yellow lab approximately 2 years old. Extremely sweet and friendly. She has had puppies before coming to us, but will be spayed 11/29 and available for adoption after healing.

Sweetie is a 6 year old Border Collie mix who is a very nurturing little girl who "mothers" every new horse or dog we get in. She will lay in stalls and paddocks for several days until the horses calm.  She loves children.